About Us

Nurturing Young Minds, One Page at a Time


Dar Rabie Publishing is a leading children’s book publishing company dedicated to fostering Arab originality and instilling human values in our young generations. With our motto, “Our children’s education comes first,” we are committed to creating meaningful and engaging content that captivates young minds.

Abu Dhabi Book Fair 2022

Commitment to Excellence

Collaborating with pedagogical, cultural, and art specialists, we have established a state-of-the-art production facility equipped with the latest printing and binding technology. This allows us to deliver high-quality books that inspire and educate children.

Since our inception, we have recognized the importance of nurturing children’s imagination and understanding of the world. We have accompanied them on their journey from birth, catering to their growth and needs. Our extensive collection includes a diverse range of series and collections, featuring simplified, brightly illustrated stories that capture children’s attention and encourage their concentration.

Focus on Early Education

Understanding the crucial role of early education, we have developed an educational series called “Children’s Kindergartens Series.” This series is supported by comprehensive aids and simple toys designed to expand children’s senses and enhance their judgment.

Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

At Dar Rabie Publishing, we believe that aesthetics play a vital role in a child’s development. Therefore, we focus on creating educational stories that not only nurture their perception but also direct them towards moral values, the beauty of life, and the wonders of nature. Additionally, we offer publications that reinforce their religious principles, enriching their spiritual instinct.

Nurturing Ethical Foundations

Our commitment to excellence extends to every age group. We curate stories that reinforce inherent Arab morals, empowering children with a strong ethical foundation. Dar Rabie Publishing embodies knowledge, education, intellectual and cultural development, ethical orientation, moral values, and human principles. Our publications resonate with children’s innocence, touch the hearts of mothers, and stimulate the minds of fathers.

Opening Doors to New Worlds

We warmly welcome all our customers and children, inviting them to embark on a delightful journey of discovery, growth, and enlightenment through our enchanting books. At Dar Rabie Publishing, we believe that reading is not just a pastime but a transformative experience that opens doors to new worlds and fuels the imagination. Our carefully curated collection of books is designed to captivate young minds, transporting them to magical realms, introducing them to diverse cultures, and instilling a love for reading that will accompany them throughout their lives.