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Welcome to Rabie Publishing House, where stories come alive and imagination knows no bounds. Step into a realm of captivating adventures, endearing characters, and magical tales that will transport your child to new worlds. Unleash their imagination with our enchanting books.

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Where the magic of storytelling knows no bounds. Our diverse collection of books opens doors to fascinating adventures, introducing young readers to diverse cultures, historical wonders, and whimsical worlds. Let your child’s imagination take flight with our enchanting books, as they discover the beauty of literature and the power of dreams.


Ignite the sparks of imagination and curiosity, inspiring children to explore, learn, and dream.



Empower young minds through educational content, fostering a love for learning and equipping them with the knowledge and skills for a brighter future.


Transform lives by providing empowering stories and resources that encourage resilience, confidence, and the belief in one’s abilities to overcome challenges.

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Dive into our meticulously curated collection, brimming with captivating stories, imaginative illustrations, and engaging educational content. From delightful picture books to thrilling adventures, we offer a diverse range of genres and themes that will spark curiosity, foster a love for reading, and ignite young imaginations. Discover the perfect books to inspire, entertain, and educate your little ones, as we invite you to explore the magical world of literature through our carefully crafted product catalogues.

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Little حبيبي
05- قصص مختارة للصغار

Extensive Network of Distributors

Explore this page to discover our extensive network of distributors across different countries. These valued partners play a crucial role in ensuring that our enchanting books reach young readers around the globe. Through their dedication and expertise, our distributors help us share the magic of storytelling, inspire imaginations, and foster a love for reading in children worldwide. We are immensely grateful for their collaborative efforts in making our books accessible to diverse communities and cultures.

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Book fairs in 2023

We will be participating in the following book fairs in 2023. Looking forward to your visit.  Cairo International Book Fair From: 26 Jan 2023 To: 07 Feb 2023Muscat International Book Fair From: 22 Feb 2023 To: 04 Mar 2023Sharqiah Book Fair From: 02 Mar 2023 To:...

Book fairs in 2022

We will be participating in the following book fairs in 2022. Looking forward to your visit.  Doha International book fair From: 13 Jan 2022 To: 22 Jan 2022Cairo International Book Fair From: 26 Jan 2022 To: 07 Feb 2022Muscat International Book Fair From: 23...

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